Secure Vehicle Shipping in Canada

Canadian Moving Lines offers professional vehicle shipping services across Canada and all provinces. Our specialist are trained to ship luxury cars, trucks and heavy machinery so that your vehicle will be transported and delivered to the desired location in a speedy way and with utmost care.

Car Shipping in Canada

We know that no one has ever been allowed to take the wheel of your brand new automobile, even your brother who was asking for it from the day you bought it. And of course it’s hard to trust it to someone, unless it’s a high profile professional moving company with years of successful experience in Canada. With Canadian Moving Lines you can rest assured your vehicle will be safely delivered at its new home. Our services cover the entire process from paperwork to actually getting your vehicle to the indicated location. Here is how it works:

  • Cost calculation based on type of the transported vehicle and the weight
  • Detailed checklist
  • Planning of the time and the location where the vehicle is supposed to be loaded.
  • Installation of safeguards.
  • Acquiring all required documents for international travels
  • Tracking while en-route, status updates, similar to residential moving
  • Delivering the vehicle to the specified destination and finalizing the deal

Corporate Vehicle Shipping throughout Canada

Large dealerships, auction houses and car manufacturers entrust their exhibits to Canadian Moving Lines and there’s a reason to. Corporate clients know we are committed to high standards which is the only way to earn a good name in the highly demanding industry. Along with single car shipping in Canada, we also undertake moving multiple vehicles across Canada and internationally, ensuring safety, efficiency and speed.

Moving vehicles in bulk is also not a problem for Canadian Moving Lines, which offers a flexible discount system and affordable options for bulk orders in any directions within Canada, including moving from and to Alberta, Vancouver, Montreal, Nova Scotia, Ontario and elsewhere.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a partner for vehicle moving is integration of advanced technologies. The world is moving forward and we don’t stay behind. Our satisfied clients, the elaborate transportation network and international collaborations speak of this fact better than words.


Why Choose Canadian Moving Lines Corporate vehicle Shipping in Canada:

  • Flexible discount system for corporate clients and bulk orders
  • Extensive network of moving companies overseas
  • International transportation through air, ocean or land.
  • Taking care of all paperwork associated with border crossing
  • Application of advanced technologies for damage free transportation
  • Easy and quick moving all over Canada, including provinces
  • Insurance for all transported vehicles
  • Live tracking of your vehicle, including rerouting and regular status updates

Oversize and Custom Vehicle Chipping in Canada

Special vehicle or oversize vehicle transportation requires special approach. A rare sports car cannot be transported the same way as a local SUV. Highly technical staff handles such requests and display high professionalism to our clients. Our list of special vehicles include:

  • Vintage cars, sport cars, high-end luxury cars, rare vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles including RV's, trailers, small boats, camper
  • Oversize vehicles such as vans, earth movers, tow truck, agricultural tractors, buses

Moving Services in Canada - Exclusive Vehicle Shipping

For clients who wish to move their cars from and to Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal and Ontario we come up with exceptional offers and discounts for short distances. For transportation of cars we offer:

  • Door to Door car shipping in Canada - transporting your vehicle from location A to location B, according to your instructions.
  • Terminal to Terminal car shipping in Canada - transporting your vehicle from one of our terminals to another, i.e. you leave it at a specific terminal and pick it from another, which is closer to your destination.

We ensure low cost of services through a wise choice of transport vehicles. Thus, having a great choice of transporting trucks, such as open-bed trucks, shipping trucks, enclosed long trucks, container shipping trucks, etc., we handle each request in the most efficient way, taking into consideration the distance and the customer’s specific instructions.

All our clients trust Canadian Moving Lines, being sure their vehicles will arrive on schedule and damage free. And we do meet their expectations, which is obviously demonstrated in our reviews from satisfied clients.