Quality moving services for office relocation in Canada

From the first days of its operation Canadian Moving Lines was aimed at becoming a long-term and trusted partner for both commercial and private clients.Through dedicated work and commitment to high standards we’ve earned a reputation of a top company suggesting office moving in Toronto and all over Canada, that offers affordable prices and a quick turnaround when it comes to commercial or residential relocation. Despite all challenges, weather conditions, urgency, distance and complexity of the task, we ensure moving won’t be something you remember with a frown.

  • Office relocations
  • Last minute services
  • No surprise extra charges
  • Furniture installations -Making your furniture work for you.
  • Specializing in reconfiguration and space planning. Proficiency in most major furniture lines.
  • Warehouse relocations
  • Racking removal and installations.
  • Skid moves.
  • Lab & Medical equipment, hospitals, schools and libraries.

We consider all specific requests, respect all your guidelines and deadlines and that is what makes our service a perfect solution for anyone who has to move from point A to point B in Canada. Unlike other office moving companies in Toronto in us corporate clients find a professional partner, that helps them relocate with no harm to corporate style, company vision and brand. With this in mind Canadian Moving Lines makes any place a home, going beyond packing and moving and relocating a business identity.

Exclusive Office Moving Company Canada

Throughout years of successful operation we have been committed to certain quality standards in office moving in Toronto. This is usually done in 2 stages: Office Move Planning

  • During the Move (Transportation Phase)
  • Designation and Post-Move Activities

Office Relocation Planning

Wise planning is the key to success, so that is where we start from at Canadian Moving Lines. While the majority of the companies offering office moving in Toronto neglect the importance of planning, we take it seriously. Planning in advance helps reduce the time and increase efficiency, after all we realize that every single day is precious for a successful business. Here are some of the top-notch services that we offer, unlike many other moving companies:

  • Pre-move research

Basically, we study your business and come up with a list of queries, associated with relocation. In a personal meeting with the client we discuss every single matter, such as timing, packing materials to be used, specific warnings and requests, and other related details.

  • Client-Side Package Labeling

Realizing the importance of extensive planning for moving to and from Toronto or Alberta, we offer our solutions to the clients, considering the case, the distance and the complexity of work. Labeling makes the task way easier, since it helps clients sort and identify their items when packing and unpacking.

Logistics - Best part of Moving Companies Toronto

  • Packing

Our representative arrives at your present location at a preliminarily agreed time. Packaging is done with special care and attention. For electronic devices we use carton boxes with additional padding to ensure safety of your items during transportation. Computers, fax machines, printers and other hardware are sealed and labelled in special packaging which protects them from dust and physical damage.

  • Transportation and Handling

The choice of trucks depends on the specific case and location. Clients can track their equipment and furniture via GPS which ensures transparency of work and client satisfaction.

Designation and Post-Move Activities

Finally, you are at your new location and the packages are unloaded with the help of our friendly crew. Here is when you realize that labelling was a wise decision, since all your items can now easily be unpacked and placed where they belong. The job is completed and all you are left to do is enjoy your new office.

Moving Lines in Toronto - Envy of Toronto Moving Companies

There are very few office moving companies in Brampton that provide quality services at affordable rates. We take pride in being an exclusive and trusted service provider for clients moving from Quebec to Ontario, Toronto to Vancouver, Ottawa to Montreal, Victoria to Quebec City and in all other directions within Canada. Trust professionals and enjoy smooth moving.